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About Us

Poppy's Sustainable Market is a zero waste refill shop that focuses on providing our community with resources to become more sustainable.
Join us as we continue to share how poppy’s sustainable market is working to help you achieve a reduced waste lifestyle! 🌿

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    Poppy's Market has made my life easier and more enviromentally efficient! I love being able to reuse containers for the different products sold as well as getting to try the different essential oil used in each fragrance. It keeps less waste coming from my house every month! Poppy's is also more affordable than the other eco-conscious brands! If you need to change/spice anything up, please do. :)


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    The dish soap & toilet fizzies amazing! Both products clean effectively and are great quality for the price. I also love the sustainability aspect! Can't wait to buy more!!❤️

    - Corrina

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    This store is great! There products are better than anything you can get in a big box store and it's better for becoming more sustainable. I can't wait to come back for more product!